Here you can find a list of 48 SSP gene families for Medicago truncatula and their main description. Also, there are listed here 24 SSP known families that are not present in M. truncatula, but they are from other plant species.

47 Medicago truncatula families are from the identification of 1,974 genes predicted from homologies with previous SSP gene families, short (< 200 aas) and secreted proteins (> 0.25 SignalP D-value). The Iron Man (IMA) family was identified by Grillet et al. (2018). We also provide Hidden Markov Models for 37 gene families with at least 5 members.

Families are ordered according to their number of genes.


NCR-B Nodule-specific Cysteine Rich Group B (NCR-B) Cys-rich Unknown 428
NCR-A Nodule-specific Cysteine Rich Group A (NCR-A) Cys-rich Unknown 361
nsLTP non-specific Lipid Transfer Protein (nsLTP) Cys-rich Signal 134
LCR Low-molecular weight Cys-rich (LCR) Cys-rich Unknown 101
PCY Plantcyanin/Chemocyanin (PCY) Cys-rich Signal 87
PDF Plant Defensin (PDF) Cys-rich Antimicrobial 67
NodGRP Nodule-specific Glycine-rich Protein (NodGRP) Non-Cys, non-PTM Unknown 58
Kunitz Kunitz-P trypsin inhibitor (Kunitz) Cys-rich Peptidase inhibitor 52
CLE Clavata/Embryo Surrounding Region (CLE) PTM Signal 52
Legin Leginsulin (Legin) Cys-rich Signal 50
PhyCys Phytocystatin (PhyCys) Non-Cys, non-PTM Peptidase inhibitor 47
IDA Inflorescence Deficient in Abscission (IDA) PTM Signal 42
LAT52-POE LAT52/Pollen Ole e 1 Allergen (LAT52-POE) Cys-rich Signal 42
THL Thionin-like (THL) Cys-rich Antimicrobial 35
PDL Plant Defensin-like (PDL) Cys-rich Antimicrobial 34
GASA Gibberellic Acid Stimulated in Arabidopsis (GASA) Cys-rich Signal 29
PRP669 Pro-rich Protein Group 669 (PRP669) Non-Cys, non-PTM Unknown 24
EPFL Epidermal Patterning Factor-Like (EPFL) Cys-rich Signal 23
TPD Tapetum Determinant 1 (TPD) Cys-rich Signal 23
LP LEED..PEED (LP) Non-Cys, non-PTM Unknown 22
ECL Egg Cell 1-Like (ECL) Cys-rich Signal 21
STIG-GRI Stigma1/GRI (STIG-GRI) Cys-rich Signal 21
CAPE CAP-derived Peptide (CAPE) Functional Precursor Signal 21
RTFL-DVL Rotundifolia/Devil (RTFL-DVL) sORF Signal 17
SCRL S-Locus Cysteine Rich-Like (SCRL) Cys-rich Signal 17
BBPI Bowman-Birk Peptidase Inhibitor (BBPI) Cys-rich Peptidase inhibitor 17
CEP C-terminally Encoded Peptide (CEP) PTM Signal 17
GLV Golven/Root Growth Factor (GLV) PTM Signal 15
RALF Rapid Alkalinization Factor (RALF) Cys-rich Signal 15
CTLA Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-2 alpha (CTLA) Non-Cys, non-PTM Peptidase inhibitor 15
IMA Iron Man (IMA) 14
PIP PAMP-induced Secreted Peptide (PIP) PTM Signal 13
SubIn Subtilisin inhibitor (SubIn) Non-Cys, non-PTM Peptidase inhibitor 12
PSK Phytosulfokine (PSK) PTM Signal 11
PSY Plant Peptide Containing Sulfated Tyrosine (PSY) PTM Signal 10
RC Root Cap (RC) Cys-rich Signal 9
TAX Taximin (TAX) Cys-rich Signal 5
N26 Nodulin26 (N26) Cys-rich Signal 5
PNP Plant Natriuretic Peptide (PNP) Non-Cys, non-PTM Signal 4
PSN Peptide Suppressing Nodulation (PSN) PTM Signal 4
2SA 2S Albumin (2SA) Cys-rich Antimicrobial 3
ENOD40 Early Nodulin 40 (ENOD40) sORF Signal 2
Kaz Kazal family inhibitors (Kaz) Cys-rich Peptidase inhibitor 2
T2SPI Potato type II proteinase inhibitor (T2SPI) Cys-rich Peptidase inhibitor 2
MEG Maternally Expressed Gene (MEG) Cys-rich Signal 2
MtPEP Plant Elicitor Peptides (MtPEP) Non-Cys, non-PTM Signal 1
CIF Casparian Strip Integrity Factor (CIF) PTM Signal 1
MtSUBPEP Subtilisin-embedded Plant Elicitor Peptide (MtSUBPEP) Functional Precursor Signal 1
PRP485 Pro-rich Protein Group 485 (PRP485) non-Cys, non-PTM - 0
SYS Systemin (SYS) non-Cys, non-PTM Signal 0
HypSys Hydroxyproline-Rich Systemin (HypSys) PTM Antimicrobial; Signal 0
Zm401 Zm401 sORF Signal 0
908p11 908p11 sORF Signal 0
OSIP108 Oxidative Stress-Induced Peptide 108 (OSIP108) sORF Antimicrobial 0
KOD Kiss of Death (KOD) sORF Signal 0
PLS Polaris (PLS) sORF Signal 0
BRAZZEIN BRAZZEIN Cys-rich antimicrobial 0
MTI Mustard Trypsin Inhibitor (MTI) Cys-rich Peptidase inhibitor 0
Ib-AMP Ib-AMP Cys-rich Antimicrobial 0
PDP PawS-derived Peptide (PDP) Functional Precursor; cyclotide Peptidase inhibitor 0
SCR S-locus Cysteine Rich (SCR) Cys-rich Signal 0
CYC CYCLOTIDE (CYC) Cys-rich Antimicrobial; Peptidase inhibiitor 0
EAL Egg Apparatus-Like (EAL) Cys-rich Signal 0
ES Embryo Sac (ES) Cys-rich Signal; Antimicrobial 0
ESF Embryo Surrounding Factor (ESF) Cys-rich Signal 0
HAIRPININ alfa-HAIRPININ (HAIRPININ) Cys-rich Antimicrobial; Peptidase inhibiitor 0
KNOTTIN KNOTTIN Cys-rich Antimicrobial; Peptidase inhibiitor 0
LURE LURE Cys-rich Signal 0
MBP-1 Antimicrobial Peptide MBP-1 (MBP-1) Cys-rich Antimicrobial 0
PCP-A Pollen Coat Protein Group A (PCP-A) Cys-rich Signal 0
PCP-B Pollen Coat Protein Group B (PCP-B) Cys-rich Signal 0
ARACIN ARACIN Cys-rich Antimicrobial 0