Medicago truncatula Small Secreted Peptide Database

About MtSSPdb

MtSSP database hosts large-scale genomics and transcriptomics data in M. truncatula and provides multiple functions to search, analyze and visualize different datasets. The aim of this database is to provide a detailed description of Small Secreted Peptides (SSPs) in Medicago truncatula.

Database Content

MtSSPdb includes 70,094 M. truncatula re-annotated genes with 4,439 Small Peptides genes (including 2,455 novel SSPs which were unreported previously in the literature). There are 48 known SSP gene families in M. truncatula and 24 present in other plant species including Arabidopsis thaliana, Zea mays and Nicotiana tabacum.

Our database also hosts a Peptide Library with 155 synthetic peptides tested on three different species (M. truncatula, A. thaliana and P. virgatum) for 24 root and nodule-related phenotypes. SSP Gene Expression Atlas (SSP-GEA) hosts expression data from 17 RNA-seq experiments represented by 705 samples and 200 conditions.


MtSSPdb includes gene/keyword search, BLAST and a plant SSP-Prediction tool. Also, the Gene Expression Atlas Portal provides different tools: Expression Profile, Differential Expression, Co-expression, GO enrichment, KEGG pathway and PCA.

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