Family name Iron Man (IMA)
Mode of Action
Post-translational modifications (PTMs)
Evolutionary Range All angiosperms
Function Iron transport
  • IRON MAN is a ubiquitous family of peptides that control iron transport in plants IRON MAN is a ubiquitous family of peptides that control iron transport in plants Nat Plants . 2018 Nov;4(11):953-963.


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Gene Assembly Chromossome Coordinates SSP Type SSP Family member SignalP D-value Protein Length Annotation
Medtr2g084140 Mt4.0v1 chr2 35335363-35335757 known SSP IMA8 0.120 58 hypothetical protein conf_class=LC
Medtr2g084160 Mt4.0v1 chr2 35340606-35340818 known SSP IMA13 0.132 70 hypothetical protein conf_class=HC
Medtr2g084170 Mt4.0v1 chr2 35343416-35343832 known SSP IMA5 0.140 62 hypothetical protein conf_class=LC
Medtr2g084180 Mt4.0v1 chr2 35345829-35346258 known SSP IMA3 0.240 62 hypothetical protein conf_class=LC
Medtr2g084190 Mt4.0v1 chr2 35348105-35348431 known SSP IMA6 0.107 62 hypothetical protein conf_class=LC
Medtr2g084195 Mt4.0v1 chr2 35350770-35351334 known SSP IMA14 0.121 70 hypothetical protein conf_class=LC
Medtr2g084200 Mt4.0v1 chr2 35355355-35355991 known SSP IMA7 0.105 62 hypothetical protein conf_class=LC
Medtr2g084210 Mt4.0v1 chr2 35367936-35368380 known SSP IMA1 0.379 62 hypothetical protein conf_class=LC
Medtr2g084215 Mt4.0v1 chr2 35374016-35374526 known SSP IMA2 0.203 60 hypothetical protein conf_class=HC
Medtr4g026380 Mt4.0v1 chr4 9060261-9060521 known SSP IMA12 0.195 60 hypothetical protein conf_class=LC
Medtr4g026390 Mt4.0v1 chr4 9063487-9063753 known SSP IMA10 0.116 61 hypothetical protein conf_class=LC
Medtr4g026430 Mt4.0v1 chr4 9072554-9072935 known SSP IMA9 0.111 59 hypothetical protein conf_class=LC
Medtr4g026440 Mt4.0v1 chr4 9077250-9077473 known SSP IMA11 0.117 58 hypothetical protein conf_class=HC
Medtr7g087600 Mt4.0v1 chr7 34110469-34110661 known SSP IMA15 0.104 50 hypothetical protein conf_class=HC