Family name PAMP-induced Secreted Peptide (PIP)
Class PTM
Mode of Action Signal
Post-translational modifications (PTMs) 1 Hydroxyproline
Receptor RLK7/DLR; LRR-RLK
Evolutionary Range All angiosperms
Function Induced by many pathogens/elicitors; induces defense-signaling responses partially overlapping with PEPs (in A. thaliana). Pathogen resistance (Bacterial and fungal)
  • The secreted peptide PIP1 amplifies immunity through receptor-like kinase 7 The secreted peptide PIP1 amplifies immunity through receptor-like kinase 7 PLoS Pathog . 2014 Sep 4;10(9):e1004331.


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Gene Assembly Chromossome Coordinates SSP Type SSP Family member SignalP D-value Protein Length Annotation
Medtr1g018740 Mt4.0v1 chr1 5461098-5461352 known SSP PIP3 0.775 84 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=LC
Medtr1g107390 Mt4.0v1 chr1 48684199-48684531 known SSP PIP2 0.832 81 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=HC
Medtr1g107395 Mt4.0v1 chr1 48687295-48687786 known SSP PIP8 0.870 111 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=HC
Medtr1g107400 Mt4.0v1 chr1 48693634-48694008 known SSP PIP9 0.836 124 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=HC
Medtr1g107405 Mt4.0v1 chr1 48697650-48698027 known SSP PIP10 0.901 125 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=HC
Medtr1g107410 Mt4.0v1 chr1 48700935-48701255 known SSP PIP11 0.842 106 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=LC
Medtr4g068220 Mt4.0v1 chr4 25579924-25580616 known SSP PIP1 0.809 82 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=HC
Medtr4g095002 Mt4.0v1 chr4 39482955-39483527 known SSP PIP5 0.610 129 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=HC
Medtr4g095010 Mt4.0v1 chr4 39505657-39506453 known SSP PIP12 0.170 204 hypothetical protein conf_class=HC
Medtr5g004930 Mt4.0v1 chr5 190699-190965 known SSP PIP6 0.644 88 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=LC
Medtr5g016470 Mt4.0v1 chr5 5901454-5902077 known SSP PIP4 0.635 86 hypothetical protein conf_class=HC
MT4Noble_020581 Mt4.0v1 chr3 47230336-47230554 known SSP PIP7 0.789 72 BnaA05g17740D protein
MT4Noble_057127 Mt4.0v1 chr5 206727-207266 known SSP PIP13 0.820 63 Uncharacterized protein