Family name Thionin-like (THL)
Class Cys-rich
Mode of Action Antimicrobial
Post-translational modifications (PTMs) 6 Cysteines
Receptor -
Evolutionary Range -
Function Antimicrobial and antiherbivory likely via membrane permeabilization thru interaction with anionic phospholipids
  • Intracellular thionins of barley. A second group of leaf thionins closely related to but distinct from cell wall-bound thionins Intracellular thionins of barley. A second group of leaf thionins closely related to but distinct from cell wall-bound thionins J Biol Chem . 1989 May 25;264(15):8978-84. Authors U Reimann-Philipp   1 ,  G Schrader ,  E Martinoia ,  V Barkholt ,  K Apel Affiliation 1 Botanisches Institut der Christian-Albrechts-Universit├Ąt Kiel, Federal Republic of Germany. PMID: 2722812 Abstract Leaf thionins of barley have been identified as a novel class of cell wall proteins, toxic to plant pathogenic fungi, and possibly involved in the defense mechanism of plants (Bohlmann, H., Clausen, S., Behnke, S., Giese, H., Hiller, C., Reimann-Philipp, U., Schrader, G., Barkholt, V., and Apel, K., (1988) EMBO J. 7, 1559-1565). In the present work a second subfraction of thionins has been detected within the leaf cell, mainly in the vacuole. Thionins of both groups are closely related to each other. They are toxic to phytopathogenic fungi as well as to plant protoplasts, they share similar amino acid sequences, and their synthesis in etiolated seedlings of barley is down-regulated by light. Despite these similarities each of the two subfractions of thionins could be clearly distinguished by its subcellular distribution. In ultrathin sections of embedded etiolated leaf material, cell wall thionins could be immunogold labeled specifically by an antiserum raised against a fusion protein of Escherichia coli beta-galactosidase and the 15,000 Mr precursor polypeptide of thionins. This antiserum did not react with intracellular thionins. Inversely, intracellular thionins were recognized specifically by an anti-serum raised against soluble leaf thionins. The possible function of intracellular thionins as part of a defense mechanism has been discussed. Publication types Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't MeSH terms Amino Acid Sequence Cell Wall / analysis Cell Wall / ultrastructure Edible Grain / analysis* Fungicides, Industrial / analysis Fungicides, Industrial / isolation & purification* Hordeum / analysis* Microscopy, Electron Molecular Sequence Data Plant Proteins / isolation & purification* Plants / analysis* Plants / ultrastructure Substances Fungicides, Industrial Plant Proteins


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Gene Assembly Chromossome Coordinates SSP Type SSP Family member SignalP D-value Protein Length Annotation
Medtr0290s0060 Mt4.0v1 scaffold0290 16294-16759 known SSP THL14 0.738 117 Thionin related (TAP1) conf_class=HC
Medtr1g045210 Mt4.0v1 chr1 17016341-17017348 known SSP THL33 0.860 140 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=LC
Medtr1g049270 Mt4.0v1 chr1 19032255-19032470 known SSP THL11 0.756 71 Thionin related/ Pollen Ole e 6 conf_class=HC
Medtr1g052055 Mt4.0v1 chr1 20945121-20945583 known SSP THL15 0.767 117 hypothetical protein conf_class=LC
Medtr1g073620 Mt4.0v1 chr1 32669156-32669536 known SSP THL29 0.657 126 Thionin related conf_class=HC
Medtr2g007950 Mt4.0v1 chr2 1211301-1212346 known SSP THL30 0.754 73 Thionin related conf_class=HC
Medtr2g015405 Mt4.0v1 chr2 4556294-4556530 known SSP THL1 0.870 78 Thionin related conf_class=HC
Medtr2g029945 Mt4.0v1 chr2 11209110-11209481 known SSP THL16 0.803 123 Thionin related (TAP1) conf_class=HC
Medtr2g032590 Mt4.0v1 chr2 12265894-12266347 known SSP THL31 0.795 90 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=LC
Medtr2g032735 Mt4.0v1 chr2 12334488-12334888 known SSP THL35 0.398 60 hypothetical protein conf_class=HC
Medtr2g032885 Mt4.0v1 chr2 12400157-12400417 known SSP THL2 0.868 86 Thionin related (TAP1) conf_class=HC
Medtr2g034125 Mt4.0v1 chr2 13032267-13032521 known SSP THL12 0.812 84 Thionin related conf_class=HC
Medtr2g042005 Mt4.0v1 chr2 18349679-18350118 known SSP THL17 0.790 107 Thionin related (TAP1) conf_class=HC
Medtr2g042010 Mt4.0v1 chr2 18353299-18353738 known SSP THL18 0.788 107 Thionin related (TAP1) conf_class=HC
Medtr2g042145 Mt4.0v1 chr2 18396381-18396835 known SSP THL19 0.779 113 Thionin related (TAP1) conf_class=HC
Medtr2g042163 Mt4.0v1 chr2 18402300-18402754 known SSP THL20 0.799 113 Thionin related (TAP1) conf_class=HC
Medtr2g042173 Mt4.0v1 chr2 18408352-18408806 known SSP THL21 0.772 113 Thionin related (TAP1) conf_class=HC
Medtr2g042177 Mt4.0v1 chr2 18411315-18411769 known SSP THL22 0.772 113 Thionin related (TAP1) conf_class=HC
Medtr2g042183 Mt4.0v1 chr2 18414272-18414732 known SSP THL23 0.774 115 Thionin related (TAP1) conf_class=HC
Medtr2g042225 Mt4.0v1 chr2 18433310-18433788 known SSP THL24 0.676 126 Thionin related (TAP1) conf_class=HC
Medtr2g043640 Mt4.0v1 chr2 18989860-18990313 known SSP THL25 0.788 112 Thionin related (TAP1) conf_class=HC
Medtr6g034545 Mt4.0v1 chr6 11990349-11990585 known SSP THL7 0.834 78 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=LC
Medtr7g071410 Mt4.0v1 chr7 26455701-26455925 known SSP THL32 0.706 74 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=LC
Medtr7g081075 Mt4.0v1 chr7 30920656-30920892 known SSP THL8 0.754 78 Thionin related conf_class=HC
Medtr7g081105 Mt4.0v1 chr7 30927714-30927950 known SSP THL9 0.765 78 Thionin related conf_class=HC
Medtr8g088440 Mt4.0v1 chr8 36658163-36658390 known SSP THL13 0.883 75 transmembrane protein, putative conf_class=LC
MT35v5_Medtr2g032670 Mt3.5v5 chr2 11128381-11128811 known SSP THL3 0.859 92 hypothetical protein conf_class=H
MT35v5_Medtr2g032760 Mt3.5v5 chr2 11187438-11187918 known SSP THL4 0.833 90 hypothetical protein conf_class=F
MT35v5_Medtr6g041940 Mt3.5v5 chr6 7676766-7676967 known SSP THL10 0.900 52 hypothetical protein conf_class=L
MT4Noble_009448 Mt4.0v1 chr2 12134856-12135056 known SSP THL5 0.881 66
MT4Noble_009527 Mt4.0v1 chr2 12745358-12745792 known SSP THL6 0.833 80 Thionin related (TAP1)
MT4Noble_010404 Mt4.0v1 chr2 18437583-18438067 known SSP THL26 0.748 126 Thionin related (TAP1)
MT4Noble_010405 Mt4.0v1 chr2 18441860-18442344 known SSP THL27 0.748 126 Thionin related (TAP1)
MT4Noble_010406 Mt4.0v1 chr2 18447201-18447458 known SSP THL28 0.830 85 Thionin related (TAP1)
MT4Noble_013840 Mt4.0v1 chr2 43777573-43781322 known SSP THL34 0.678 59